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Jian Liu, Ph.D.

Jian Liu, Ph.D.

Academic Titles: 
Associate Professor

Department of Cell Biology
Center for Cell Dynamics


855 N. Wolfe Street
455 Rangos
Baltimore, MD 21205

The central theme of my research is to understand how mechanical actions feedback to biochemical pathways in cellular processes, and how such mechanochemical crosstalk among key cellular players governs spatial-temporal regulation and shapes cell functions. I confront these challenges by bringing together theoretical and computational studies, rooted in statistical mechanics, with a diversity of biological experiments. My current research interest spans three cellular processes – cell migration, membrane trafficking, and cell division.

Research Interest: 
Theoretical modeling, Mechanobiology, Cell Migration, Membrane trafficking, Cell Division
Selected Publications:
Wu ZH, Su MH, Tong CS, Wu M, Liu J. 2018. Membrane shape-mediated wave propagation of cortical protein dynamics. Nature Communications 9(1): 136.  
Wu ZH, Plotnikov S, Moalim A, Waterman C, Liu J. 2017. Two distinct actin networks mediate traction oscillations to confer focal adhesion mechanosensing. Biophysical Journal 112(4): 780-94
Dorn J, Zhang L, Maddox P, Liu J, Maddox A. 2016. A theoretical model of cytokinesis implicates feedback between membrane curvature and cytoskeletal organization in asymmetric cytokinetic furrowing. Molecular Biology of the Cell 27(8): 1286-99
Hu L, Vecchiarelli A, Mizuuchi K, Neuman K, Liu J. 2015. Directed and persistent movement arises from mechanochemistry of the ParA/ParB system. PNAS 2015; 112(51): E7055-64.
Chen J, Liu J. 2014. Spatial-temporal model for silencing of the mitotic spindle assembly checkpoint. Nature Communications 5(9): 4795.
Liu J, Sun YD, Drubin DG, Oster GF. 2009. The mechanochemistry of endocytosis. PLoS Biology 2009; 7(9): e1000204.
Liu J, Desai A, Onuchic JN, Hwa T. 2008. An integrated mechano-biochemical feedback mechanism describes chromosome motility from prometaphase to anaphase in mitosis. PNAS 2008; 105: 13752-13757.