Congratulations to Eliah Shamir, Kevin Cheung and Huaqing Cai for winning Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Young Investigator Awards! Congratulations to Katarina Sirka for winning a First Year Graduate Student Award!



Eliah Shamir (Ewald Lab), awardee for the Martin and Carol Macht Award.




Kevin Cheung, Ph.D. (Ewald Lab), awardee for the Helen B. Taussig Award.




Huaqing Cai, Ph.D. (Devreotes Lab), awardee for the Daniel Nathans Award.



Katarina Sirka (Ewald Lab), awardee for the Kelly Award.


Awardees are recognized and will give a short lecture on their work at the Young Investigators' Day Program on April 17, 2014, from 4-6 pm.