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Cultural Competency Training

January 21, 202112:00 pm / 1:30 pm

Lewis Talks

January 25, 202112:00 pm / 1:00 pm

MBG Seminar: Michael Elowitz (Caltech)

January 28, 202111:00 am / 12:00 pm

Lewis Talks

February 1, 202112:00 pm / 1:00 pm

CB Seminar: Jelani Zarif (JHU)

February 4, 202112:00 pm / 1:00 pm

This event has a video call.
Join: https://meet.google.com/ffr-ggpd-uvi

This event has a video call.
Join: https://meet.google.com/ffr-ggpd-uvi

Recent Publications

Our latest research and discoveries.

Wang T, Liu H, Itoh K, Oh S, Zhao L, Murata D, Sesaki H, Hartung T, Na CH, Wang J. C9orf72 regulates energy homeostasis by stabilizing mitochondrial complex I assembly. Cell Metabolism. 2021. In press.

Wu M, Liu J. Mechanobiology in cortical waves and oscillations. Current Opinions in Cell Biology 2020, Accepted.

McCausland JW, Yang X, Squyres GR,  Lyu Z, Bruce KE, Lamanna MM,  Söderström B, Garner EC, Winkler ME,  Xiao J, Liu J. Treadmilling FtsZ polymers drive the directional movement of sPG-synthesis enzymes via a Brownian ratchet mechanism. Nature Communications 2020, Accepted.

Johnson, D.J. Wells, M.B., Fox, R.M., Lee, J.S., Loganathan, R., Levings, D, Bastien, A., Slattery, M. and Andrew, D.J. (2020) CrebA increases secretory capacity through direct transcriptional regulation of the secretory machinery, a subset of secretory cargo, and other key regulators. Traffic 21: 560-577.