Eliah Shamir, graduate student in the Ewald Lab, will receive the 14th annual ASCB Norton B. Gilula Award!


Eliah is being recognized for her discovery that E-cadherin is required for mammary branching morphogenesis and that loss of E-cadherin is insufficient to induce cell migration.  She developed new techniques for fluorescently labeled genetic mosaic analysis in the mammary epithelium, which allowed her to make that discovery.  Eliah has numerous academic achievements, including winning best poster/research at five meetings and retreats.  She also received the Kelly Award in 2011as top first-year student at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.  She has published four papers, two as first author.  Eliah's productivity and initiative all support her selection for the Gilula Award.

The Gilula Award is supported by The Rockefeller University Press and recognizes an outstanding graduate or undergraduate student who has excelled in research.