Antony Rosen, M.D.

Professor of Medicine - Secondary Appointment in Cell Biology

410-550-11894 (Office), 410-550-2072 (Fax)

Department of Rheumatology
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
Bayview Campus
Mason Lord Building
Center Tower, Suite 4100
Baltimore, MD 21224

Academic Titles

Mary Betty Stevens Professor of Medicine & Professor of Pathology


Director, Division of Rheumatology, Johns Hopkins Medicine
Vice Dean for Research, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Research Topic

Autoimmune Rheumatic diseases including Lupus, RA, Scleroderma, Myositis and Sjogren's Syndrome

Dr. Antony Rosen was an Osler resident and rheumatology fellow at Johns Hopkins Hospital before joining the faculty at Johns Hopkins, where he was appointed a professor in 2002. He has been director of the Division of Rheumatology since then, overseeing a substantial expansion in the fellowship program and building the faculty from 14 to 26.

Dr. Rosen received his medical degree from the University of Cape Town in South Africa in 1984 with first-class honors. After completing his internship in medicine & surgery and a year of postdoctoral study in medical biochemistry, he joined Dr. Alan Aderem at the Rockefeller University to pursue postdoctoral studies in immunology and cellular biology.